About Us

I am a hobby web developer and an e-bike enthusiast. When I bought my first e-bike in 2020, it changed my life by making my 9 mile commute to work possible without a car. My daily routine was made so much better by replacing a 20 minute drive through a congested city with a 30 minute assisted bike ride along the Mississippi River. And the best part is getting to the office and not being sweaty because the bike had done most of the work. I want to bring that joy and healthy lifestyle to as many people as possible, which is why I started electricbicyclefinder.com. My goal is not to make money, just to help people choose the best option for them in this massive and growing mobility segment. There is not a huge financial barrier to manufacturing these bikes, so many players have entered the space, from giants like Trek to unknown tiny operations out of someones garage. This leads to massive innovation but also difficulty in finding the best ones, as there are so many options to choose from, and since many of these smaller manufacturers are direct to consumer, you cannot go to a bike store and try them out. Enter electricbicyclefinder.com, a new resource to research and pick your next e-bike from one central location.

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